Phonics Planning Guide: Story Wizard Phonics

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Story Wizard Phonics supports children to become young story writers by:
-using basic shapes to develop fine motor skills and then combining those shapes to form letters (available in both print and cursive)
– creating ‘word wands’ to trace newly learned phonemes in the air
– providing guidance for pronunciation including mouth positions and patterns for short and stretched sounds
– organising phonemes into words (and writing them themselves)
– discussing the meanings and usage of every word they learn (including exception words)

The emphasis is on helping children to understand the shapes, sounds, meanings and usage of the symbols they learn towards becoming word wizards!

Every new phoneme is introduced in the context of a word using only phonemes that have been previously taught. This helps children to continuously consolidate their prior learning while also recognising the relationship between sounds, letters and words.

Children are encouraged to begin writing sentences with words they have learned and can use these to create their first story book.

This planning guide provides an overview of the available resources and how they can be organised across the full academic year including:
– 14 weeks of expected phonemes (including baseline assessments and monitoring)
– 12 weeks of consolidation activities (including further monitoring)
– 10 weeks of advanced phonemes (including additional monitoring)
– Monitoring and assessment including individual and class tracking

Story Wizard Phonics resources are available here.

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