Year 1 Phonics & Sentences: 3rd Six Weeks Phonics

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The Story Wizard Phonics Scheme for Ages 4–6 introduces children to the phonemes and spelling conventions they are expected to learn in Year 1. Activities include resources for introducing individual words and for placing them into sentences alongside previously taught words.

This set includes the resources required to deliver the third six weeks of the scheme:
Section 13
Initial Phonics Consolidation 2

Section 14
Set 30 words with aw (as in draw)
Set 31 words with au (as in haul)
Set 32 words with or (as in short)
Set 33 words with ore (as in core)

Section 15
Set 34 words with ow (as in owl)
Set 35 words with ou (as in out)

Section 16
Set 36 words with oy (as in joy)
Set 37 words with oi (as in coin)

Section 17
Set 38 words with ar (as in hard)
Set 39 words with ir (as in stir)
Set 40 words with ur (as in surf)

Section 18
Set 41 split digraphs i_e (as in glide)
Set 42 split digraphs o_e (as in code)
Set 43 split digraphs u_e (as in cube & rude)
Set 44 split digraphs e_e (as in theme)
Set 45 split digraphs a_e (as in lane)

The complete scheme can be delivered over 24 weeks with additional activities available for extended consolidation and advanced phonics to support the transition into Year 2.

Note that Units can also be ordered individually and by section (use the links above).

A free planning guide is available with examples of how Story Wizard Phonics resources can be organised across the school year.

The Story Wizard phonics scheme aims to get children writing stories as quickly as possible by helping them understand and enjoy the relationships between spoken sounds and written symbols (magic spells!).

Each time a new phoneme is introduced it is placed in the context of words alongside phonemes that have been previously taught to help children quickly make sense of the relationship between letters and words.

Each unit includes:
sound charts with initial mouth positions
flashcards with guidance for sounds
definitions for every word
Wave Your Wand activities: Make a ‘word wand’ and then wave your wand in shapes that become ‘magic spells’
Sentence Line games: Select a word and then have a go at organising yourselves into a ‘sentence line’
Sentence Maker: Develop fine motor skills and handwriting by cutting out words and sticking them into place. Then having a go at writing sentences yourself.

Features of Story Wizard Phonics:
– children are introduced to words and blending from the very beginning
– phonemes are introduced progressively and placed into words alongside previously learned phonemes to support ongoing consolidation
– the meaning and usage of new words is taught throughout
– active learning games to help children understand the relationship between sounds, letters, words and sentences
– visual guides for mouth positions
– pronunciation guidance on flash cards
– writing activities are available in cursive and lowercase print (both are included)

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Year 1 Phonics & Sentences: 3rd Six Weeks Phonics

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