Year 1 Phonics Revision Books: Vowel Sounds: Set of 4

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Set of four phonics workbooks focussed on vowel sounds. Each book includes 45 pages of mixed writing challenges.

Book 1:
/eɪ/ (ai as in rain, ay as in play)
/iː/ (ee as in feed, ea as in heat)

Book 2:
/aɪ/ (igh as in high, y as in try)
/əʊ/ (ow as in slow, oa as in boat)

Book 3:
/uː/ (oo as in loop, ew as in blew)
/ɔɪ/ (oi as in coin, oy as in toy)

Book 4:
/aʊ/ (ow as in cow, ou as in foul)
/əː/ (stressed er as in herb)
/ə/ (unstressed er as in over) (also known as the schwa or lazy vowel)

Perfect for consolidating learning and revision.

– 45 pages of activities
– 1 certificate

Activities include:

– Trace the sound and trace different words with each sound
– Make a phonic dice and then race to see which word wins
– Have a go at forming words from the phonemes in the boxes
– Identify different sounds by using different colours
– Count the magic stars with each sound and see who has the most
– Add the correct word to sentences
– Think of your own words for each sound and write them down
– See how many words you can find for each sound in a word search
– Cut out the words and arrange them in the correct columns
– Draw a picture for each word

Includes the Word Wizards and Word Witches with some of their magical friends.

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Year 1 Phonics Revision Books: Vowel Sounds: Set of 4

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