Sporty Spellings Year 4 Autumn Spelling Activities

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Get your class into peak spelling fitness with this elite training programme of sporty themed spelling activities.

3.11 Words with y as in gym
3.12 Words with ou as in young
3.13 Words with endings like measure and picture

188 activity sheets and slides.

~ Sporty Spelling writing challenge sheets: featuring the Sporty Spell (write a sporty paragraph using the spelling word), Spelling Smash (write each letter in a ball), Back to Front (attempt to spell the word backwards), Spelling Shootout (link each letter to the relevant ball), Spelling Banner (cut out the scrambled letters and stick them in the correct order on the fan banner)
~ Spelling Race Cards
~ Spelling Race Games: seven ideas for Active Learning games to reinforce learning including: Group Spelling Sprints, Spelling Relay, Spelling Laps, Spelling Catch, Spelling Dash, Spelling Marathon and Extreme Sporty Spellings
~ word search sheets
~ Spelling Champion certificate

The full index can be downloaded for free from here.

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Sporty Spellings Year 4 Autumn Spelling Activities

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