Magic Shapes Handwriting: lowercase letters

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EVERY letter of the alphabet in lowercase. Uses fine motor skills and basic shape making as a foundation for forming letter shapes.

Each letter has been broken down in to simple shapes that can be used to develop fine motor skills and build pencil confidence.

Those same shapes can then be magically joined together to form letters.

A full set of resources is included for EACH individual letter including powerpoints and practice sheets.


Developed over thousands of years, these magic symbols are used by wizards to share thoughts, ideas and information. Expert wizards can create thousands of spells with just a few magic shapes. These wizards are called WRITERS and you can become one.

This lesson includes two parts:

Part 1: Fine Motor Skills
Shapes to develop fine motor skills and perfect the use of the magic pen.

– examples and demonstrations on Powerpoint
Magic Pen Skills sheet with guidance and traceable shapes.

Part 2: Learning the Letter Shape
Combines the shapes in part 1 to form a magic symbol (the lowercase print letter).

guidance on Powerpoint with the handwritten version of the letter and examples of alternative ways it may be written in print and handwriting
Magic Letter Builder sheet with traceable forms of the shapes used in the fine motor skills activity and also combined to form the complete letter
Pen Wizard: Trace the letter at declining sizes to perfect magic writing skills
– blank sheet for practising freestyle writing
flashcards with the complete letter and deconstructed shapes

Part 1 is designed to build confidence and familiarity of the shapes that have been deconstructed from the complete letters.

The lettering is intended as an introduction to handwriting with shapes that are similar to the shapes used in everyday writing (rather than rigid typed templates).

The style of lettering is designed to follow similar patterns to cursive writing to support children that may learn to use cursive at a later time. Examples of other versions of letter forms are also included to help emphasise that children will see variations in books and with other people’s handwriting.

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Magic Shapes Handwriting: lowercase letters

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