How to Use Question Marks

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Thirty writing challenges in three workbooks with additional creative challenges. Detailed step-by-step guidance in two sets of slides with additional notes for teachers and parents.

Covers all aspects of the curriculum including:
– Sequence sentences to form short narratives
– Separate words with spaces
– Use spacing between words that reflects the size of the letters.
– Forming questions with an initial interrogative pronoun
– Using subject–verb inversion to write a question
– Correctly punctuating a question tag
– Recognising and writing different types of sentences: questions
– Identify and use appropriate end punctuation to demarcate different sentence types (question mark)

Explanations are provided by the Punctuation Monsters and the resources feature the theme of ‘Mermaids and Water Monsters’.

The class introduction includes class challenges with editable slides that can be used to rearrange sentences and add punctuation in order to demonstrate each method of punctuation.

Also includes thirty writing challenges in three workbooks:

Also includes these guidance resources with editable class challenges:

Note the above workbooks are also INCLUDED with this resource but can also be ordered individually by clicking the appropriate links.

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    How to Use Question Marks

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