Extended Phonics Consolidation Bundle 1

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These extended consolidation resources include phonemes expected to be taught at the Foundation Stage.

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This bundle includes:
Extended 1
Consonant phonemes: d.g.m.n.p.s.t
Short vowels: a.i.o

Extended 2
Consonant phonemes: b.c.d.g.k.m.n.p.s.t
Short vowels: a.i.o.u
Consonant digraphs: ck.nk

Extended 3
Consonant phonemes: b.c.f.g.h.k.l.m.n.p.s.t
Short vowels: a.e.o.u
Consonant digraph: ck

Extended 4
Consonant phonemes: d.f.j.l.m.n.p.r.s.t.v.w
Short vowels: a.i.o.u
Consonant digraphs: ck.sh

Extended 5
Consonant phonemes: b.c.d.f.g.h.l.m.n.p.s.t.z
Short vowels: e.i.o.u.
Consonant digraphs: ch.ng.nk.sh.th

Included activities with each set:
– flashcards with guidance for sounds
– definitions for every word
– Slides with guidance for pronunciation
– Word Line games: Select a letter and then have a go at organising yourselves into a ‘word line’
– Word Maker: Develop fine motor skills and handwriting by cutting out phonemes and sticking them into place. Then having a go at writing words yourself

Note these are consolidation activities. Activities include phonemes that should already have been introduced to children. The sets correspond roughly (not exactly) to the order of teaching for popular phonics schemes. Resources for the initial teaching of phonics are available here.

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Extended Phonics Consolidation Bundle 1

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