Complete Punctuation: Unit 1: Capitals, Full Stops, Questions & Exclamations

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Everything you need to help children get to grips with punctuation in Year 1.

The Punctuation Monsters provide step by step guidance and easy to follow examples for:
~ using capital letters and full stops (periods)
~ using question marks
~ using exclamations

The ‘how to’ guides include class challenges on editable powerpoint slides for each method of punctuation.

Also includes over 90 punctuation writing challenges including:
1.1 sentences with capital letters and full stops (periods)
1.2 sentences with the capital personal pronoun ‘I’
1.3 sentences with capitalised names and titles
1.4 sentences with capitalised place names
1.5 sentences with capitalised days and months
1.6 sentences that begin with an interrogative pronoun
1.7 questions that begin with a subject-verb inversion
1.8 exclamative sentences

Each challenge features some ‘unpunctuated’ text for children to write themselves with added punctuation. The challenges are provided on individual worksheets and as Powerpoint slides that can be used to demonstrate approaches to constructing the sentences and/or as class activities.

The writing challenges follow a theme of ‘mermaids and water monsters’ and include fun facts, silly sentences and additional creative challenges related to each sentence (things like draw the jellyfish doing a silly dance).

Each module includes a ‘sentence check’ sheet. These can be used by children to self-check and peer-check their writing. The sheets are progressive so that additional methods of punctuation can be considered as you introduce them.

Enough activities to use in school and as fun but challenging homework and you can print off the guides for class displays.

Resources can also be ordered individually (using the links above).

Both British-English and US-English versions are included.

Unit 2 is available here.

You can see the full range of punctuation resources here.

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Complete Punctuation: Unit 1: Capitals, Full Stops, Questions & Exclamations

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