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You don’t need to worry about page layout as this is done at the design stage and will almost certainly be different to what you imagine.

However it is worth considering the space available on pages and the relationship between text and illustrations. This can help with determining the balance between how many words to write and how many pictures to draw. In most cases the rule is:

  • Don’t be too wordy (every word should count and every sentence should ‘move the story on’)
  • It’s better to create more pictures than less

The balance between the text and the illustrations should include consideration to your target audience. Stories aimed at younger children usually have less words and more pictures.

Text-heavy books can have 200 words to a page. A rough guide is that a book of stories for 7-10 year olds might have a total word count of 3,500 words and 22 full or half-page illustrations. A book for younger children should have a word count of no more than 1,000 words and 32 full page illustrations.

The example in the downloadable sheet shows potential layouts for a 48 page book. A STORIES4SCHOOL book can include up to 80 pages and you’ll be surprised how much can fit on a page (so don’t worry too much about this).

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