Books in Uganda

The brilliant photos above were provided by Pat Wiles who kindly distributed some STORIES4SCHOOLS books to Broadway Nursery and Primary School in northern Uganda.

Broadway School opened a couple of years ago and supports 163 pupils including 39 orphans living in ‘child-headed’ families where the eldest sibling is the head of the family.

Northern Uganda suffered from the atrocities of the Lord’s Resistance Army civil war which led to children being born and raised in Internally Displaced Person camps. Schools were not built in these camps as they were considered a temporary measure.

In the photos you can see Headteacher John Calvin along with students and staff receiving the books and also writing postcards that have been sent on to the schools creating the books they received. The books they were given included stories created by children at Mbame School in Malawi along with books created by various schools in the UK.

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