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stories4schools provides the opportunity for students at your school to have their work published. It provides a real life challenge with a tangible outcome. It links creative writing with writing for a purpose. It stimulates an interest in local culture, heritage and places and it raises the profile of your school to parents and the local community.

And it doesn’t need to cost your school a penny!…

What’s Involved:

You set your students the challenge of creating illustrated stories inspired by their local culture, heritage or environment. This might involve visiting local places for interest, researching local traditions and culture or inviting local people and artists to visit your school.

Students then create their illustrated stories. This can be done by students working in different roles (writers and illustrators) or in small groups or as whole classes or even classes working together (for example Year 5 supporting Reception).

A typical book is 50 – 70 pages long. Stories can be picture books (mostly pictures and less words) or mostly words with a few supporting illustrations.

You email over your stories and post your original artwork. Stories are then copy-edited and the artwork is scanned and enhanced before being layed out in your school’s own story book. There are no templates, no clipart – this is your students’ work with a professional finish.

The Cost:

Registration is £300

You can choose to either bulk order 160 books for the discounted price of £550 and then sell those books to parents and friends of the school. If you sell them at £6 each (and keep 10 for your school) this will raise £900 making your school a profit of £50.

Or you can order as many copies as you need when you need them at a cost of £6 each.

Most schools choose to bulk order and organise additional fundraising activities. The profits you use can be used to send additional copies of your book to a partner school overseas or charity of your choice. You can see an example of this here.

How to Register:

Either register online here.

Or download the registration form from here.

Or send an email to

The registration fee is payable in advance and is non-refundable. You may register up to a year in advance. Payment for your final books is due 30 days after you receive them. Payment can be made via a Purchase Order, BACS, cheque or debit/credit card.

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Story Making Resources
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  • Colour Theory - A great deal of effort is placed into selecting colour schemes in the belief that certain colours invoke particular reactions. Sometimes this is used to influence us, for example in marketing campaigns and sometimes we attach a particular brand with a certain colour or colour scheme (for example Macdonalds, Cadbury). Colours are also subject to … Continue reading Colour Theory
  • Drawing Emotions - This activity sheet includes ideas and examples for experimenting with facial expressions to express moods and emotions within illustrations.
  • Emotional Journey - The ’emotional journey’ is a method of considering how a reader will feel as they read a story. This can be used by a writer to structure a story and to emphasise the language used at different stages of a story. It can also be useful for planning the style of illustrations to accompany text.
  • Story Structure - The Beginning—Middle—End structure has been used effectively for hundreds of years however there are many ways of structuring a story. This sheet includes some simple examples of how a story may be structured and can be easily adapted for students to consider their own structures with the aim of helping them consider how they want … Continue reading Story Structure
  • Story Techniques - Story Techniques are writers tricks used to manipulate the reader throughout a story, for example to ‘keep them guessing’ as a mystery unravels. Different techniques are best suited to certain styles of story and writing and it’s important to give consideration to using them carefully and deliberately. A good way of planning which techniques to … Continue reading Story Techniques
  • What is The Story? - This reference sheet prompts writers to reflect on their initial story ideas and first drafts to determine the key question of ‘what is their story?’ This can be particularly useful for collaborative stories that can easily become complicated and diluted between many different ideas. By using this approach writers can ensure they have a clear … Continue reading What is The Story?
  • Page Layout and Space - You don’t need to worry about page layout as this is done at the design stage and it will almost certainly be different to what you imagine. However it can be useful to consider the space available and the relationship between text and illustrations, particularly for deciding how many words to write and how many … Continue reading Page Layout and Space

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