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Link creative writing with writing for a purpose by challenging your students to create stories inspired by their local culture, heritage and environment to be published and shared with others.

Challenge your students to create a children’s storybook inspired by their local culture, heritage and environment.

Stories must be students’ original work and illustrations must be hand drawn. When you submit them their work will be professionally finished and transformed into beautiful books.

The challenge can be easily linked to your school curriculum. Stories and illustrations can be created individually and collaboratively. Additional learning opportunities can be provided by organising fundraising activities and running your own book launch event.

Use the process as evidence towards the International School Award and Artsmark status. Raise the profile of your school by involving the local media and use your book to demonstrate your school’s commitment to literacy, creativity and learning with a purpose.

See an example of how STORIES4SCHOOLS can work for your school here. You can also take a look at what’s involved in creating a book.

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