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Reading for pleasure is widely regarded as fundamental for children to develop the literacy skills considered essential for the success of individuals and the societies they live in.

Writing for pleasure is important too.

Monster Write and Monster Punctuation resources provide fun, creative writing challenges to help children develop their writing skills by loving to write! The mechanics of writing are introduced progressively in the Unpunctuated series with step-by-step guidance for teachers linked to writing challenges for individuals, groups and the entire class.

The I Can Spell series features writing activities with fun themes that challenge students to write in print, cursive and funky handwriting while practising their spellings. The word lists are largely taken from a database of words most commonly found in Children’s books along with a small number of more unusual words to stretch students.

Schools looking for the ultimate writing challenge can set students the challenge of creating their own illustrated children’s book with stories4schools and even send copies of their book to schools in developing nations where their words can help inspire a love of reading and writing for children across the world!

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