stories4schools as a fundraiser

Knightlow School in Warwickshire has created several stories4schools books. They have used their involvement to work with and support schools in Malawi, Uganda and India and their annual ‘book launch’ has become an eagerly looked forward to event.

Their most recent book involved the entire school. Each class chose a theme relevant to their local history and heritage. Some classes undertook local visits and others organised local historians to visit the school. A local museum kindly loaned the school some display items and many of these featured in the final stories.

The stories are mostly created between January and Easter with the aim of holding their book launch in May/June. After submitting their work the students shift their focus to planning their book launch which includes readings and performances of their stories, displays of how they created them and various fundraising activities including cakes and refreshments provided by parents.

Parents and members of the local community are invited to the book launch along with the Mayor and local media. Copies of the book are on sale and framed artwork of the original illustrations are auctioned off.

Each year the school has generated a surplus. This has allowed the school to register for their next book and cover their costs without eating in to the school budget. A small amount is kept to be used towards future fundraising costs while the rest has been used to send copies of their books to schools in developing nations. Their biggest achievement to date has been to provide funding for Mbame School in Malawi to have their own stories published. This is believed to be the first time a school in Malawi has published a book!

If you would like your school to do something similar please see the Registration Options or email for more details.

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